Cloth Diapers 101

May 29th, 2012

Cloth Diapers

Saves money
Less trash
Less smell
No chemicals on baby’s skin
Many styles

More laundry
Washing can be a trial and error depending on your water
Bigger cost up front
Have to be careful with ointments and fabric softeners (can’t use most)

There are many different styles of cloth diapers. AIOs (all in ones), Pockets, Fitteds, Hybrid, and Prefolds/Flats.

Daycares and care givers often request the AIO style. They are the closest to disposables in the ease of putting on. They are typically the most expensive option, though. Because of everything being together, they can be the hardest to wash correctly and keep looking/smelling good. They will also take FOREVER to dry. I have used AIOs just a handful of times. I have tried a brand called Baby Beehinds – Magicalls – they are okay, just not my favorite. Also, I used BumGenius x-small aios. They are a perfect fit for the tiny stage and lots of people love them. An All-In-One has the soaker and waterproof layer all sewn together. There’s no stuffing and only one thing to put on.

The next in line for ease of use are pocket diapers. They are a diaper with a PUL lining (maybe cotton print with PUL on inside, or a printed PUL outside). PUL is poly-urethane-laminate – basically a waterproof material. There’s a soft material that goes against the baby’s skin and in between creates a pocket that you stuff with an absorbent insert. Most pockets come with a microfiber insert that holds a decent amount and is inexpensive. Microfiber CAN be a pain when it comes to washing. A lot of people have trouble with soap building up on it and it will repel and start to stink. I personally have used microfiber for a long time and don’t have a problem with it. I think it just all goes back to making sure your wash routine is good. I can help with that :-). Some people I know will stuff their pockets with prefolds. There are other kinds of inserts that you can buy to stuff in the pockets like hemp or bamboo. Both of these materials are more natural fibers and hold a LOT. They are easier to clean than microfiber, but are usually more expensive. Alva carries some nice bamboo inserts, though, for a great price. I love pocket diapers. They are all I used for a while. I have tried Swaddlebees, Green Acre Designs, Knickernappies, Fuzzibunz, Babykicks, Mother’s Touch, BumGenius, WAHM made (work-at-home-mom made – Etsy or Hyena cart), Alva, and my new favorite , Sunbaby. They are all great brands. Usually you will find you love one brand over another because of the fit on your baby. My favorite fit for J was Fuzzibunz until he was around 6 months or so. He started getting too long for them and I found Knickernappies had a longer rise (the length from the top front to the top back). Once I tried those, they were my new favorite. So far, my favorite pocket for A is the Sunbaby. They are trim and snug. Pockets prices are all over the board – some are high, some are incredibly cheap but still well made, and so on.

The next are Hybrid diapers. I really don’t know a whole lot about these. They are basically the convenience of disposable inserts that are put inside a reusable cover, but you can also buy reusable inserts if you want. I think they mostly snap inside the cover instead of being put in a pocket. Some of them just lay in the cover. Actually, I have tried the covers from hybrid diapers, but not the inserts. I like the flip covers pretty well. I also tried the Grovia and they were okay too. Both a good fit and good style. I’m guessing these would be middle ground for pricing as well with the reusable inserts. With the disposable inserts, they might get up to the pricing for the AIOs or at least close.

Next, we have fitteds. These require a cover. I actually haven’t really figured out the fitted appeal. I think the fact that they are made of natural fibers (cotton, hemp, or bamboo) is the main reason people like them. They have snaps or velcro, but they are not water-proof. A lot of people use fitteds with wool (more on that later). Here are the Fitted Diapers. I’ve tried old style thirsties fitteds, a couple WAHM fitteds, and a lonely Goodmama (which is acutally a very popular brand). I just can’t seem to get into them. I think my problem is that I can’t find a fitted that “fits” right AND has snaps (since I’m not a velcro fan). I do see how fitteds are more appealing to people who LOVE wool. (like me!) Fitteds are pricey. Even just simple WAHM fitteds can go for $13 each.

Prefolds are usually considered “old-fashioned”. They are rectangular in shape and are several layers. Even though they are “pre-folded”, you still need minimal folding to go on baby and then fasten them with diaper pins or a snappi. I prefer snappis – hands down. I can NOT figure out how to use diaper pins. A snappi is a stretchy little gadget that has 3 ends and each end has little teeth that grab the fabric and hold on… you stretch it over the sides and bottom of the folded prefold to hold it together on baby. It’s quite easy and quick once you get the hang of it. As the baby gets older (preferably out of the runny poop stage), you can just tri-fold the prefolds in a cover. You want DSQ or Diaper service quality prefolds. Do not buy Gerber prefolds from walmart. Those will not work. I recommend Green Mountain Diapers, and Cotton Babies. Typically, prefolds are cotton and are SO easy to clean and keep looking fresh. Sometimes you will see prefolds made of hemp or bamboo. These are very popular for night time as they hold a TON. My favorite is Thirsties Hemp Duo. Prefolds are VERY economical.  Flats are very similar to prefolds. They’re just … flat – one layer – and there are SEVERAL ways you can fold it to put on baby depending on your needs. These also require pins or snappi. These are also very economical!

Now on to diaper covers. There are pull-on covers, sized snap/velcro covers, one-size snap/velcro covers, wool covers/soakers, and fleece covers/soakers – just to name a few. I’ve never used pull-on covers myself. I imagine they might be good for potty-training though. Also.. they would be easy for a busy baby I’m sure. I’ve used Thirsties, Flip, Greenline, Blueberry, Rumparooz, Bummis, Grovia/Grobaby, and Wiggle Worm Bottoms. I prefer the easy-wipe covers (don’t have cloth on the inside, just PUL). These are much easier to re-use several times (which is GREAT!). Even with a newborn (once I got a good fold on the prefold) I could use a cover at least 3 times before washing it. Makes for less laundry, which is nice. Different covers work for different babies. I LOVE Thirsties Duo covers. They have a great fit for any size. Wool is a different kind of cover. Why use wool covers? Wool is a natural fiber, it’s breatheable, diaper wool is untreated, it’s naturally antibacterial so it doesn’t retain odors, it’s cool in the summer and warm in the winter, and it holds 30% of it’s weight in liquid without being “WET”. The way it works is, wool will pull the moisture from fitteds/prefolds/flats into itself… then, the outside of the wool cover will feel ‘damp’ but not wet and won’t make your hand wet – but then the liquid will evaporate from the outside … this just happens over and over and thus the fitted/prefold/flat will last longer. This is why wool is so great for overnight. Not to mention, knit/crochet wool shorts and pants are ADORABLE.

There are a few cloth diaper accessories as well. One is the snappi I mentioned. You also can get wet bags (water-proof pouch for wet/dirty diapers on the go), diaper pail (we use a flip-top trash can), pail liners (wet bag for a diaper pail), cloth diaper detergent, (I’ve used 2-3 tbsp of tide original with great results and currently use Crunchy Clean and love it.), and a diaper sprayer (used mostly when baby starts eating solids — I’ve never felt like I had to have one, I just knock off solids with a piece of toilet paper or a cloth wipe). The only accessories I’ve really needed in my cloth diapering were the detergent, snappi, and wet bags.

Washing – I don’t spray my diapers personally. I just scrape if necessary with wipe or toilet paper .. and then put the diapers in a dry pail/flip top trash can. Sometimes I pull out the insert, most of the time I don’t. I wash every other day in the summer or every 3rd day in the winter – we use as little heat/air as possible, so in the winter our house is cool and in the summer our house would be considered warm. Dirty diapers in a warm house just can’t be left long .. especially if you have a fly in the house. I won’t go into any more detail on that one… just trust me. So….wash time, I shake/pull out all inserts and toss diapers into the machine. I have a non-HE top loader. I try not to put too many in there because the more water per diaper, the better. I first do a cold rinse. Then I do a HOT wash with Crunchy Clean for hard water. Then… I do a cold rinse again.. and sometimes and extra warm wash/rinse without detergent. If my diapers start getting stinky when peed in or smell funny – I strip them with a hot wash and a squirt of blue dawn… and I rinse, rinse, rinse (hot/warm water) until there are NO more bubbles. I dry inserts, but not the pockets or covers. I also will only put fitteds and anything else that has velcro or elastic on a low heat setting and then hang dry the rest of the way to save the life of the elastic/velcro.

I hope this helps!!
~~ Rachel (cloth diapering mom for almost 4 years)

Laundry Savings

May 14th, 2012

We’re getting ready for a trip and I always try to get laundry caught up before we pack, or at least before we leave. I’m doing pretty well this time. I have 6 loads of laundry left to do. SIX!!  It’s the little things. :-) So, in light of the laundry on my mind, and a couple questions I’ve had recently regarding laundry, I thought it was time for a “Laundry” post. More specifically, let’s talk about laundry savings. Saving time .. and saving money.  Ah, NOW I have your attention!!

Here are my laundry tips:

  • Reduce the amount

My Grandmother (who lost her battle with cancer early in 2006) used to say that if you have too much laundry, you have too many clothes. Of course, having a big family will also produce a lot of laundry, but she was still right. So, if you find yourself with too much laundry, start consigning some clothing. Does DH (Dear Husband) NEED 30 tshirts?  Do you NEED 20 dress shirts? Do the kids NEED 10 pairs of pants each? Go through and decide what you can get by without.

  • Start a laundry routine

I recently ordered the Large Family Logistics book. I really love the way it’s concepts. It works much better for our family than Fly Lady ever did since it incorporates ALL the family members and not just you alone when everyone else is gone. In LFL, she suggests having a laundry day ALONG with doing 2-3 loads every day (for basics like towels, underwear, and cloth diapers). Following this has made a huge difference. On laundry day, I don’t worry about anything else but keeping the washer/dryer running constantly.

  • Buy Wool Dryer Balls

Dryer balls will help cut your drying time, reduce the need for softener sheets, and save wear and tear on your dryer. There are many different kinds – you can even buy plastic ones at walmart, but I HIGHLY suggest WOOL. For one thing, heat + plastic releases toxic chemicals .. and I’d like to reduce that as much as possible. Mostly, Wool is absorbent and all natural.  I’ve bought most of my wool dryer balls from Leaping Sheep, but you may find them at local Farmer’s Markets or Craft Shows. They aren’t all just plain white either. Ha! The dryer balls will reduce static, soften clothes, and reduce drying time by separating the clothes and absorbing some water (only WOOL ones). Also, since wool is absorbent, I can drop 3-4 drops of my favorite essential oil onto a ball and toss it in to freshen up a load here and there.

  • Make Your Own Detergent

Thanks to Pinterest for making Homemade Laundry Detergent “popular”, you’ve probably heard about this already. Of course, many families have been using similar recipes for years.  I’ve been using it for about 4 years and I LOVE it. My ingredients are Ivory soap, Borax, Washing Soda, water, and several drops of my favorite Young Living essential oil. I use the “wet” version – about the consistency of egg noodle soup. I store it into a medium plastic container with a snap on lid and keep a plastic orange juice bottle filled with my soap above the washer.  I do NOT use this recipe for cloth diapers, however. From what I understand, the borax is not cloth diaper safe and I also was concerned with the ivory soap causing build up. For my cloth diapers, I currently use Crunchy Clean – which I get through a coop at a GREAT price.  I have also used 1-2 tbsp of Tide Original in the past with no problems for cloth diapers.

  • Put Up A Clothesline
Another way to save money and dryer use is to hang as much as possible. We have an outdoor clothesline AND an indoor one. I love to hang outside to get the natural bleaching and antibacterial affects from the Sun. For indoors, we have a large wooden rod across the laundry room wall for some hanging clothing and another hanging rack that was up-cycled from a baby crib.  I hang pretty much all of our t-shirts, dresses, dress pants, and many other items.
I hope you enjoyed reading through my laundry tips and find some things that you can try in your home. Have a great week and happy laundering!!

I Choose This

May 4th, 2012

We get comments all the time about our family size and pretty much anything that goes along with that. I often just have to brush them off, nod and smile, or say Thank you. So many times I’ve wanted to say MORE. To somehow help them understand why I CHOOSE THIS.

“I’m sure you need a break from the kids.”

I had fun before kids. It was, of course, a much different lifestyle with different decisions. When my husband and I decided to have children, we wanted to raise, to protect, to teach, and to love them. This was a silent promise to our children, that by deciding to have them, we would do all these things. And this promise for me, as the Mother and primary nurturer meant not just during the day, but at night too. Not just a few hours a day when I come home, ALL DAY. Not just when it’s obvious they need my help, but when it isn’t so obvious as well. Not just when I have time, but ALL the time. Not as a  side-thought, but as a constant though.  24/7.  Of course, as each child grows, they will need me less and less. And one day, it will be only on occasion that they need me and what I will have are the memories and reminders of the time when they were dependent on me. On that day, I know I will be sad that they have grown up, but I will also be happy and pleased in knowing that I was THERE.  I choose this.


“Why don’t you just give him a bottle?”

I’m a nursing mom. Going on 11 months with Baby A.  I don’t think Mothers were made to produce milk “just because”. I believe we were made to produce milk because that’s what our baby is supposed to have. I also think that breastmilk should be the primary source of nutrition at least for the first year, and preferably for the first 2 years. Of course, I could pump and bottle feed. A lot of moms do this and it works great for them. Personally, it’s an unnecessary step for me. I’m with my baby  (see above) and so I feed him “from the tap”.  I choose this.


“I bet you’re glad when they go to bed at night.”

If I should be that ecstatic when my children are asleep at night or any time I’m not actively taking care of them, then something isn’t right. I love hearing the chatter, the play, the babble, and yes – even the fuss. It means there are CHILDREN in my home. And Children are a blessing.  Does this mean I don’t enjoy my evenings?  No. It IS nice to sit and work on a blog entry, pay some bills, fold laundry, or wash dishes without interruptions. But I also don’t have my little helpers. :-)   And that’s what I choose.


“You know what causes that, don’t you?”

I honestly don’t understand how people can not know how rude and inappropriate this question is.  But if you must know, the answer is YES.  And we made that choice together.


“You mean he’s not sleeping through the night? Aren’t you tired!?”

If you mean from the time he lays down 9:30 until he wakes up for the day around 7:30, then NO, my almost 11 month old does NOT sleep through the night. But then, I think this is subjective. Baby A wakes up at least once to nurse during the night. I roll over, latch him on, and then go back to sleep (as does he when he finishes).  So, for the next question “Aren’t I tired”. Sometimes I am if we’ve had a fussy or late night, but mostly, I sleep rather well and so does Baby A. and I choose that.


“You have your hands full!”

Why is this a bad thing?  What’s so great about “empty hands”?  If my hands ever find themselves empty, I’m immediately looking for an infant to pick up. :-)  “Full hands mean a Full Heart.”   Also, if my hands are full, that means I have lots of little hands to HELP!  I love having little helpers.. just helping me along. I choose this.

I Choose THIS.




Beautiful Day

April 30th, 2012

It was beautiful outside today. I got the kids dressed and lessons finished, then scooted the 3 oldest out the door to play. First, they started helping rake up the grass daddy mowed in the front yard and disposing of it in the compost pile. They soon were tired of that, though, and asked if they could just play. I said that was fine :-) .

Baby A woke up within a few minutes and I set him at the screen door to watch and he fussed at me because he wanted out there too. Of course, I was hoping to stay inside and get some cleaning done, but who could resist that little face?! So, my solution was putting his walker on the back porch (and the gate up at the stairs!!) and setting him in it with a snack. I finished up a couple things close to the windows where I could see and then rounded up the bubble blower and extra bubbles to take outside to the kids. This was Baby A’s first encounter with bubbles and he LOVED them. All the others love them too, so they played with bubbles until lunch. I let Baby A crawl around the porch and chase them and I grabbed the camera. Fun!



Pockets and the One-Size Cloth Diaper

April 29th, 2012

I love seeing the shock, horror, and/or surprise in someone’s face when I mention that we cloth diaper. I also love to see that expression change to excitement when I actually SHOW them one of our diapers. There are several types of cloth diapers available. I plan to post soon something I put together explaining the types and options. For now, I just want to talk about my favorite. The pocket diaper. There are also several brands of each type. I’ve tried Fuzzibunz, Knickernappies, Fuzzi Fannies, Green Acre Designs, Alva, Kawaii, Swaddlebee, and Babykicks Bumboo – to name a few. My all time favorites are the Sunbaby diapers. They come from China and the company is owned by a Mom. It’s amazing, really. She recently changed her design to include 2 different sizes of “One-Size” diapers. Confusing? Yes.. a little, but I really don’t mind. The size 1 is smaller and is great for newborns and up… even fitting babies up to 28 lbs (coming from personal resources). The size 2 is great for chunky babies and older babies. For what it’s worth, my 20 lb 10 month old can wear both sizes just fine. What’s so wonderful about this particular brand? They are CUTE for one thing (see 1st picture). She puts out new prints at least twice a year and they are all adorable. The diapers are pretty well made. They are not perfect, but I’ve never had any that didn’t WORK. They are also CHEAP going for as little as $4 without an insert – SHIPPED on the Sunbaby website. You can’t beat it.

So, a pocket diaper has a water proof lining, a pocket for an insert, and then the inner lining. The second picture of the gallery shows the pocket. I use microfiber, bamboo, hemp, and/or prefolds as inserts. Microfiber is very absorbent but sometimes can be tricky when it comes to washing and “stinkies”. Bamboo and hemp are slower to absorb, but hold a LOT of moisture. They are natural materials and a little easier for washing. Prefolds are natural material, hold a lot, and are very easy to wash and keep smelling clean, but are bulkier. I like using a prefold or microfiber with bamboo behind it in the pocket.

Some pockets are “One-size” diapers. That means, you can snap the diaper down to a small setting, a medium setting, or leave open to a large setting. They typically will fit a baby from birth to potty training. If you’ve never used a One-Size diaper before, seeing all those snaps can get confusing. The 3rd picture in the gallery here is a tutorial I put together on how those snaps work. It will show you how to put the diaper on each size setting. The last picture of the tutorial shows how to put the diaper on your baby.


Adorable, right? I love them.


Something New

April 27th, 2012

I love to up-cycle things from clothing to furniture and beyond. I decided it was time to “up-cycle” my blog as well. I still have all the old entries and comments, but I’ve added them to a whole new blog experience, called Blue Willow Homestyle. We are a homeschooling family and we named our school Blue Willow Academy for the beautiful willow tree in our yard and the Bluegrass state in which we live. The definition of homestyle is: involving the home or family. The plans I have for this new blog are just that, things that involve our personal home and/or family. There’s so much I want to share and enjoy talking about. I hope you enjoy hearing about our life and ideas as our family grows and learns!

Cowboy Joe’s 2nd Birthday

December 8th, 2010

I’ve been terribly behind on posting. So sorry, readers!

My youngest just turned 2 recently. It’s hard to believe! I decided to do a cowboy theme this year. It basically started when I found cowboy themed invitations on clearance at Hobby Lobby. They were just so cute and I loved the idea.

I spend the next few months planning the party in my head and staying on the lookout for cheap party decorations. Once again, our dollar store came through big time. They had plates, napkins, balloons, cowboy hats, and much more. You just can’t beat that! I got the plates, napkins, balloons, and one extra cowboy hat for one of the kiddos that didn’t have one already.

About a month before the party, I finally started working on my cupcake toppers. I was searching Etsy (my favorite site EVER) for ideas and saw the cutest little cutouts glued to wooden skewers that were stuck in the cupcakes. I thought, “I can do that.”  So, a trip to Hobby Lobby and Walmart and I had the skewers (actually, I used the flat craft sticks and washed them off beforehand) and the cardstock. I used a cowboy book we got from the library and traced a hat, horse, steer head, and boots on some cardboard as my templates. Then I used those to trace onto 3 different colors of cardstock. It wasn’t hard, but it was tedious. Of course, then I had to cut them all out and… well…. I think maybe next time it just *might* be worth it to pay someone else for them. I had a blister on my finger.   BUT… the finished products were adorable, so… I was happy. It also helped that everyone just adored the toppers. Yay.

For the party, I had downloaded several different “cowboy” songs including “Ragtime Cowboy Joe” (too perfect!), “Ghost Riders in the Sky”, “Bonanza”, “Come Little Donkey”, and “Back in the Saddle Again” (my kids’ favorite). I had these playing in the background. I also found little Cowboy themed clay figures for the kids to paint. I didn’t get pictures while we were painting. Boo. I do have a picture of the finished products. Some of which just look like they fell in cow poo.. but.. that’s okay.

For the meal, we had chili, hot dogs, chips, and a few other sides. I had some empty jars (I keep random stuff like that..) to put the plasticware in. I found two bandanas in the wardrobe and I tied them around the jars. It turned out really cute. I also painted Joe a special bib for the occasion. For the take-home gifts, I had found some small paperback books about a cowboy and his horse for .33 each. (Awesome) I put that in with a couple pencils in a bag. Not much, but the kids all loved their books!

Overall, it was a minimalist kind of party, but it was fun and cute. There’s just not much to really describe. So this entry will be short and sweet.  Here are some pictures to spice it up a little.

Thanks for reading!


6 Year Old Monster Truck Birthday Party

September 20th, 2010

Saturday was my son’s 6th birthday party. It was a crazy day. We had the party planned before we got our soccer schedule. Something to think about before I plan a party next year! We not only had soccer games Saturday morning, but pictures also! My 3 yr old had pictures at 8:30, my son had pictures at 9:20, 3 yr old had a game at 9:45, and my son had a game at 10. Top top it off, only one of us (between my husband and I) could go to the fields because of needing to get ready for the party. I ended up taking them out there and my mom helped (thank you!) – it was still crazy. We had to leave about 10 minutes into my son’s game, but at least his coaches put him out first so he could play a little.

We made it to the house with a little time to spare and change clothes for the party. My husband had followed my list I made him and had a lot of the decorations out and other things ready. The party was out back in the beautiful shade by the swingset. As people came up to the house there was a “stop light” like this one on our mailbox:

These are super easy to make. Just take a box from a soda 12-pack, cut off the top, blow up 3 balloons (red, yellow, and green) very small, and tape them inside the box in order.  Viola! A stoplight! We also had Monster Truck napkins, and checkered flag table cloths from the Party store.

Out back, we had a pile of dirt with dollar store monster trucks and tiny cars to “smash” waiting – total of about $5. This was a hit with the little boys and even the oldest kids (girls included) played with it at one time or another! Even better, we needed to fill some holes in the yard, so the dirt was really no extra cost!!

The kids also played on the swingset – and broke in the brand new disc swing installed the night before. We also have 2 other plastic climbers that were enjoyed by all ages. They had a blast!

After playing some, we set out the sandwich fixings, chips, grapes, and olive/pickle tray to eat on. All of this was my son’s choice of food for his party. It was probably just about as cheap as you can get for a party with this many people. We spend right about $100 for all the food, but we have half the cheese and lunch meat still leftover. I always overestimate on food! Anyway, it was the perfect lunch for the hot day!

The kids finished eating and went back to playing some more. Up in that last picture, you’ll notice the kids crowded around a small picnic table. You might be wondering what’s going on there. Well, a month or so ago, Walgreen’s summer stuff went 50% off. While cruising the aisle (because who can resist stuff that’s 50% off?), I saw a bubble machine and a large bottle of bubbles. I just knew our birthday parties would be oh so much better with that bubble machine. So, I splurged an extra $6.50 or so and bought the machine and extra bubbles. It was SO worth it, even for this one party. The kids went WILD!

After playing with the bubbles for a while, I set out the cakes. I started out making the Monster Truck cake. I found a racecar shaped cake pan at a garage sale for $1.50 (still had the $14 original sticker on it!). I baked it, along with a 9×13 cake. I cut a little here and added a little there and came up with the photo you see below (far right). Not the best, but it looked Monster Truck-ish! I had so much cake leftover, that I decided to throw together the first cake you see with the “scraps” and crumbled the brownies I had left on top. The monster truck on top was part of his gift, so I just stuck it up there. We got some pictures of my son with one of the cakes, and then with some of the kids. I wish I would have gone ahead and had all the kids come up for a picture. I think I’ll do that for future parties. It was too windy for the candles to stay lit, so we improvised. My son pushed the Monster Truck off the cake instead. Leave it to him and his friends to come up with that idea!  Happy 6th Birthday!!

Monster Truck Birthday Party Plans

September 9th, 2010

My son’s 6 year Birthday Party is coming up next weekend. He wants a Monster Truck Party. I’m a little excited about how it *SHOULD* turn out. I found a car cake pan at a garage sale for $1.50. I’m going to tweak it a little and use it for the top half of the Monster Truck. He originally wanted the Grave Digger, but I’m not a fan of black icing, so we’ll be doing his favorite colors instead. I might even throw a fake name and number on there.

I hope to get some checkered flag table cloth off the roll at the party store. I have napkins already but I think (yeah, I kind of need to take inventory) I have plates, but I’m fairly sure I need cups and silverware.  I bought little plastic monster trucks from the dollar store and I plan to get a dirt or sand pile for the kids to drive the trucks in/on. Maybe I’ll make some cardboard ramps/buildings for them to plan on and destroy!

The birthday boy wants to have a sandwich bar – easy enough! We’ll definitely “buy in bulk” for that and hopefully get a good deal that way. I know there are probably several things I’m forgetting right now. I’m overwhelmed right now with this birthday party and my 10 year highschool reunion the next weekend. It wouldn’t be so bad if I hadn’t offered to do the decor for the reunion! I’m just doing the center pieces, but…. we decided to do pictures and I haven’t received very many to go through. Oh well, I will have to improvise!

I’ll post again after the Birthday Bash and let you know how it went!



Hobby Lobby-Ad This Week

September 9th, 2010

Hobby Lobby’s ad this week shows art supplies and craft supplies on sale. This is a great time to get any of those items you’ve been needing for projects for yourself or for your kids. Also, it’s not too early to start thinking about Halloween costumes!!


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