May 6th, 2010

Follow along with our family and we learn and grow! I’m Rachel. I was owner of Frugal Party Planning, but wanted to include more of our daily life and talk about things that I enjoy. So, welcome to Blue Willow Homestyle.  Blue for the Bluegrass state, Willow for the beautiful willow tree in our yard, and Homestyle because it has everything involving our home and/or family.

We are blessed to have 4 healthy and beautiful children. My husband and I have made decisions together for our family from the beginning, but we quickly started making different decisions as our family grew. We are lucky that we have both changed TOGETHER. It seems we mostly started parenting “by the book” so to speak, but by my third pregnancy, a lot of things had been introduced to us. We also took a better look at what was important to us and our children and made big decisions. When our third child was born, I started my adventures as a Mother … and as ONLY a Mother. The decision for me to be a full time caretaker for our home and our family was huge, and a little scary. In the end, it was the BEST decision we have ever made. Along with this change came some trials. Making sure our family would survive on one income started me on couponing and cutting costs in every aspect of our life. My Frugal Party Planning blog came from me finding cheap and creative ways to throw parties for my children. I also started an etsy shop from which I sold hairbows and hairbow holders. I started doing more crafts and making/fixing things to save money. We also started cloth diapering and switching from as many paper products as we were comfortable with. Even if we may struggle here and there when it comes to money, I’m able to stay home to train my children in a way we see fit and I’m able to teach my children at home (a decision we are SO happy with!) and that is worth EVERY PENNY.

I welcome you into our wonderful, crazy life. I hope you enjoy my chatter – even if it’s about cloth diapers, babywearing, learning to cook whole foods, visiting the farmer’s market, or just a fun new activity I did with the kids.

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Rachel S.

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    Blue Willow is our homeschool name, chosen for the beautiful willow tree in our yard and the Bluegrass state we live in. Homestyle is defined as "involving the home or family" and "domestic". Here you will find stories about our life as a family and tips from me, a mommy of four. I will talk about a variety of things that pertain to our family and other things I'm passionate about. I do hope you enjoy.