First Day of Homeschool 2013

August 12th, 2013

Well, the first day isn’t quite over. We have Bible and Music left on the schedule. I also have a project I need them to finish. I am loving several websites/blogs right now.  – free pdf printable lesson books for many instruments – NICE  – free cute printable organizing sheets/planners/etc – very handy


Our first day went well. I have a 4th grader  (quote of the day, “I can’t wait to see what 4th grade is like!”), 1st grader (loves math still and read through a book without help), Preschooler (quote of the day, “Can I do school?!”), and toddler (2) (played with busy bags and trains and fussed because I was busy).  I am glad 1st grader is finally picking on on phonics/reading. I’m thankful I was able to  give her the time she needed to catch on. I quite possibly will have another early reader with my preschooler. He seems to learn like his older brother. I was also super excited to hear toddler shout out “GREEN!” when seeing the color without prompt. I didn’t know he knew that. :-) I also think it’s adorable that other colors are named as the person who likes them. Yellow is “Me!”, Orange “Joe”, Purple “Jenna”, and blue “Caden”.  Too cute.

I haven’t taken the “first day” picture yet since half are still in pjs. I do plan to do that soon.

Thanks for reading. I must go so I can figure out how to get this printer to PRINT! Augh….

P.S – I recommend homeschoolers have a copier.. we do not.. and I WANT ONE …   that’s all.



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