Cowboy Joe’s 2nd Birthday

December 8th, 2010

I’ve been terribly behind on posting. So sorry, readers!

My youngest just turned 2 recently. It’s hard to believe! I decided to do a cowboy theme this year. It basically started when I found cowboy themed invitations on clearance at Hobby Lobby. They were just so cute and I loved the idea.

I spend the next few months planning the party in my head and staying on the lookout for cheap party decorations. Once again, our dollar store came through big time. They had plates, napkins, balloons, cowboy hats, and much more. You just can’t beat that! I got the plates, napkins, balloons, and one extra cowboy hat for one of the kiddos that didn’t have one already.

About a month before the party, I finally started working on my cupcake toppers. I was searching Etsy (my favorite site EVER) for ideas and saw the cutest little cutouts glued to wooden skewers that were stuck in the cupcakes. I thought, “I can do that.”  So, a trip to Hobby Lobby and Walmart and I had the skewers (actually, I used the flat craft sticks and washed them off beforehand) and the cardstock. I used a cowboy book we got from the library and traced a hat, horse, steer head, and boots on some cardboard as my templates. Then I used those to trace onto 3 different colors of cardstock. It wasn’t hard, but it was tedious. Of course, then I had to cut them all out and… well…. I think maybe next time it just *might* be worth it to pay someone else for them. I had a blister on my finger.   BUT… the finished products were adorable, so… I was happy. It also helped that everyone just adored the toppers. Yay.

For the party, I had downloaded several different “cowboy” songs including “Ragtime Cowboy Joe” (too perfect!), “Ghost Riders in the Sky”, “Bonanza”, “Come Little Donkey”, and “Back in the Saddle Again” (my kids’ favorite). I had these playing in the background. I also found little Cowboy themed clay figures for the kids to paint. I didn’t get pictures while we were painting. Boo. I do have a picture of the finished products. Some of which just look like they fell in cow poo.. but.. that’s okay.

For the meal, we had chili, hot dogs, chips, and a few other sides. I had some empty jars (I keep random stuff like that..) to put the plasticware in. I found two bandanas in the wardrobe and I tied them around the jars. It turned out really cute. I also painted Joe a special bib for the occasion. For the take-home gifts, I had found some small paperback books about a cowboy and his horse for .33 each. (Awesome) I put that in with a couple pencils in a bag. Not much, but the kids all loved their books!

Overall, it was a minimalist kind of party, but it was fun and cute. There’s just not much to really describe. So this entry will be short and sweet.  Here are some pictures to spice it up a little.

Thanks for reading!


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