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August 16th, 2010

Here is this week’s coupon – I love it when they have this one!

Bundle of Birthdays

August 10th, 2010

And so it begins. The turn of the calendar to August gets my brain going a thousand different directions. As I’ve mentioned before, all 3 of my children have birthdays at the end of the year. September, November, and December – boom, boom, boom. It’s chaos, but a good chaos.

If you’ve read my post “Getting Started”, you will know that I start as early as possible when preparing for parties. As soon as I have an idea of what my kids want, I start looking for little things that I can use. I actually started buying things back in July. The September birthday is to be Monster Trucks, and the November party is a Cowboy theme. We’re still trying to decide on the December one, it’s for my only girl – hence still trying to decide – haha!  On one of our few trips to Hobby Lobby in July, I came across invitations that were on clearance and packs of 6 Cowboy themed figures that can be painted. We did this for my first son’s 2nd birthday and it was a big hit. They weren’t on sale, but I splurged since it will be a main activity AND something for remembrance sake. We still have the figures from my first son’s party in the kids’ rooms.

I was also very excited to find Cowboy theme materials at a local dollar store. They had plates, napkins, hats, and tons more. You can’t beat $1!  I always try to keep my eye out for goody/treat bag items. I strongly dislike those cheap plastic “toys” that some treat bags have. I know they are super cheap, but to me, it’s a waste because they break after 2 second and then the parents are left with whiny upset kids because their mini yo-yo fell apart or the lid to their tiny treasure chest won’t stay on. I would MUCH rather spend a couple extra dollars (if that) and get things that can actually come in handy and will last at least a few days if not more. I often go for the pocket notepads, pencils, a sheet of stickers, and the 4 packs of crayons. So far for this year’s birthdays, I’ve found a pack of pencils with fire on them for the Monster Truck party and several packs of “generic” pencils for the other parties (they were $1 per pack of 8). I even found  books about a Cowboy (paperback) in the clearance section at a bargain bookstore for about .20 each! Talk about a GREAT treat! That should last a LONG time!

I figured out my game plan on making the Monster Truck cake today. My son wanted the Grave Digger originally, but… well, have you ever tried to make black icing – or even cover a cake in black? I don’t care for fondant and you can hardly make icing black enough before you start staining people’s teeth for life. I smoothly convinced my boy to let me make a Monster Truck in his favorite colors and let him choose the name for it. Bazinga! We now are going to make “Fast Racer” in blue, yellow, and red.

I’m still thinking about games for  both parties and haven’t come up with anything yet. If you have any tips, please send them my way! I also would love decoration ideas. The Monster Truck party will be outdoors hopefully, but the Cowboy will be inside.

Okay, well, that’s the update on Frugal Party Planning in my “neck of the woods”. Please share your adventures!


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