Hobby Lobby Weekly Coupon

June 27th, 2010

Here is this week’s coupon for Hobby Lobby. Get 50% off 3-D embellishments by the Paper Studio. There is no quantity limit. 3-D embellishments are great for thank you notes, invitations, and decorations!

Hobby Lobby Weekly Coupon

June 21st, 2010

40% any one item this week at Hobby Lobby!  Check it out here!

Walgreens Hallmark Card Deal

June 15th, 2010

Here is a great deal from Walgreens on Hallmark cards. This deal comes just in time for Father’s Day, but you can buy ANY type of cards – maybe even a card for that party you’re planning!

Here are the details:

Buy 3 Hallmark cards , get a $2 RR
Buy 4 Hallmark cards, get a $2 RR
Buy 5 Hallmark cards, get a $4 RR

If your Walgreens carries the $0.49 cards, you can get an even better deal and MAKE money!

buy 3 at $0.49= $1.47, get back a $2 RR= $0.53 overage
buy 4 at $0.49= $1.96, get back a $2 RR= $0.04 overage
buy 5 at $0.49= $2.45, get back a $4 RR= $1.55 overage

Happy shopping!

Hobby Lobby – Weekly Coupon

June 14th, 2010

Here is a Hobby Lobby coupon for 30% off wood handle rubber stamps and sets. Using printed paper and stamps is a frugal way to make cute invitations for any type of party. This coupon is good through June 19th.

Wizard of Oz Theme

June 13th, 2010

For her 3rd birthday, my daughter chose a Wizard of Oz theme. I was so excited about planning it. I just knew it was going to be a hit.

And it was!  I wish I could remember the exact cost of everything, but I know the decorations didn’t cost much more than $10. The food didn’t cost much either – I’m always trying to find the cheapest way to feed people! The cake just cost me the ingredients and a couple hours of work (and FUN work at that!). Overall, I definitely give this party a frugal thumbs up.

So here’s the rundown:

Stepping in the front door, guests were greeted with … a TORNADO!

How to make a tornado:  Cut varying lengths (from 3-4′ or so) of black and brown paper streamers and attach them to the ceiling fan blades. Be sure the fan is on LOW. Be sure and test this out. I didn’t have any issues with paper getting stuck in the fan, but you never know…

Next, the guests see that Dorothy’s house had landed on the Witched Witch.

How to replicate house on wicked witch:  Cut a basic house shape using brown wrapping paper. Attach to a wardrobe or a wall and draw general “house” picture on it. For wicked witch, use empty wrapping paper tube and cut in half. Wrap tubes with black electrical tape. Optional: cover ends with red socks

I had “Wizard of Oz” showing on the TV in the playroom. I had games planned, but the children were having too much fun just playing. Here are some ideas, though.

1) Use a large piece of cardboard and cut out 4-5″ circles. Cover the circles with tissue paper. Have the children “Put up their dukes” and punch through the paper. Each child gets a prize after punching through to show their “Courage”. I had #1 medals I found at a dollar store for the prize to this game.

2) Find a tin bucket and either cut out cardboard hearts or find some type of heart shaped item for the kids to toss into the bucket. I handed out plastic tumbler cups with hearts on them – found at Walgreens on sale around Valentine’s day.

3) Make flashcards, or maybe you have some already on hand (easy for smaller children, harder for older) that the children have to give answers to. After a correct answer, each child gets a “Diploma”. The diploma is a sticker sheet rolled up into a tube and tied with curling ribbon!

After games and playing, the guests were welcomed into the eating area where they found a small array of finger food items including “Dogs in a Twister” – otherwise known as “Pigs in a blanket” and “Broomsticks” – pretzel sticks stuck into cheese cubes. One of the beverage choices was “I’m Melting” Wicked Witch Punch – any green colored punch mixture will do .. and then tape a picture of the wicked witch “melting” into the bowl. CUTE!

After food is CAKE! I made the Ruby Slipper cake myself. It’s just a basic large sheet cake, cut in half and then double layered. I took off a small chunk of each half to shape my slippers. It was then all iced as “red” as the food coloring would let me go and sprinkled with red glitter sprinkles on the slippers to make them shiny.  The chorus of “Happy Birthday” was sung right by the Emerald City, pictured on the wall of the dining area.

To make the Emerald City:  Basically, we taped a bunch of emerald green cellophane/shiny tissue paper onto the wall. Some pieces we cut into thinner strips to mimic the different towers. All in all, it turned out pretty good, I thought!

Of course, the night ended with presents being opened and everyone going home happy!

I loved the idea of a movie themed party. It was nice to have everything flow together just like the movie does. I hope these ideas and tips are helpful. Have fun planning your Wizard of Oz party!!

And as always, “Party frugal, party fine!”


Trees and Trends – SIX 20% coupons

June 11th, 2010

WOW! A total of 6 20% off coupons PER CUSTOMER available here. 3 of the coupons are valid this evening from 4pm-8pm and the other 3 are valid Saturday morning (June 11) from 9a-1pm. The coupons can be used on anything but wedding customs, yellow, or green tags. You still should be able to find lots of great decor for parties, and/or a gift for your special guest. You might even find something for Father’s Day! I found my husband’s wedding gift at Trees and Trends- a metal/iron CD stand shaped like a guitar. It still sits in our living room.  Happy shopping!  I know where I hope to be this evening!

Hobby Lobby 40% Off Through June 12th

June 11th, 2010

Here is a 40% Coupon for this week at Hobby Lobby! This is an excellent coupon to take advantage of if you need a large item for your party!

Summer Kick-Off Party Tips

June 3rd, 2010

School’s out for summer – for most families – and the kids are ready to relax and have some fun. What better way to reward them for their hard work during the school year, than a fun summer party! Here are some ideas to have a super frugal summer bash.

Every party starts with invitations! If you have a paved porch, sidewalk, or driveway, here’s an adorable idea for invitations. Take sidewalk chalk and write out your invitation. Just write “Summer Kick-Off Party” then where, when, and any other info you might need to include (if you want them to bring food items, water guns, whatever!). Take a digital picture of your artwork and either take it to be printed or upload it straight to your computer and have it printed at your favorite photo center – cheap AND cute!

If you choose to have food, serving hot dogs and hamburgers is pretty cheap and easy. Your guests will be happy to bring sides and condiments. You could have a “best homemade ice-cream” contest – several families bring their own ice-cream and everyone votes on their favorite.  Make lemonade, ice tea, and have lots of water on hand for drinks. You can even put a few drops of essential oils in your water jugs for some flavoring. My favorites are Lemon and Citrus Fresh. (Young Living has the BEST quality oils in my opinion.) Since these are “bulk” items, it will be cheaper than cans/bottles. If you want to save on plastic cups, ask everyone to bring their own re-usable water bottle!

Games may not be necessary, especially if you have a pool, sprinkler, and/or slip-n-slide set up. If you choose to have a few games, a water balloon toss is VERY budget friendly and so much fun! When I was young, we actually had a water balloon fight and we threw the balloons OVER the house! That was a blast. You may not be able to do that, but you could easily have teams and a simple water balloon fight.  Shaving cream fights are also fairly frugal, and LOTS of fun. At the end, you get to hose off the shaving cream! NON-water games can include horseshoes, capture the flag, hide-n-seek, red light green light, a scavenger hunt, ladder golf, volleyball, etc. Summer has SO many options! If you had a large group (30+), I think it would be fun to divide into 3 or 4 teams and have Olympic competitions. Have colored ribbon or even ribbons of fabric ready for each person to wear to show what team they are on. Competitions such as track, volleyball, tug of war, kickball, and many others could be included.

To close out the party, I think something a little more low-key to calm all the kiddos down would be great. I suggest having karaoke or a talent show. You could go all out and have microphones and speakers set up if you want, but you wouldn’t have to. Lawn chairs and/or hay bales make great seating. Set out some citronella candles and some flood lights to light the “stage”.

That’s all I’ve got for now. I hope these ideas help you in planning your summer party, and as usual…

“Party frugal, party fine!!”


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